October Wrap (it) Up: Crops, Trolls and Tops

October has been the busiest month out of my whole year thus far. From queer dance parties, a week of emotional hell, Halloween to submitting my thesis, I haven’t stopped hustling. This month has been so draining for me that, in fact, not much has been happening on the sexy front but nonetheless I have some favourites..

Sex Toys + Sexual Health

Crops are probably my favourite type of impact toy, and since I’ve been wanting to be hit more recently, I decided to invest. At the advice of Taylor, I visited an equestrian shop to browse their selection of cheap, but well-made crops (they’re made to hit horses, so you know they’re strong). I got two cuties (one rainbow, one a modest black) together for under $30 CAD. I haven’t had anyone hit me with them yet, but I’m hoping I can make use of them sometime soon.

I received a lovely little package from Iroha, who makes aesthetic and squishy little vibrators. In my package was the Midori and the Kushi, which are from two different Iroha lines. For comparison purposes, I’ve been only using the Midori before I review the Kushi, and I’ve been loving it. The little pear seeming vibe gives me gentle clitoral orgasms.

As someone who’s been wanting to review more dildos recently, I received a BUNCH in the mail SheVibe sent me the Dayo and the Helio, Hole Punch Toys sent me the Chewie and Peepshow sent me the Doc Johnson Tru Touch, Curve and Feel. I can’t wait to put them all inside me!!


RIP MY EMPTY PUSSY. It’s true ya’ll, I’ve been in a drought for a bit and a half. My amazing FWB got back together with his ex, and my current roster of men has been less than stellar. I also haven’t had the time to be going on too many Tinder dates either, but I have a feeling I’m going to get laid real soon. Thank god for sex toys for being available whenever I need them.

I have, however, been continuing to provide nudes and sexy videos through my Patreon! Subcribe to see me in action.

Sexy Events

Mid-month, I made my way out to Polyester, one of Hamilton’s new queer events that encourages queer connections by throwing dance parties. I went by myself (even pulled out a super cute look), and luckily ran into some good friends to party with. The night ran late and debauchery ensued. The drag queen de jour, was Bon Bon, a Toronto drag queen. She was absolutely fabulous and merged my love of drag and beards.

Halloweekend also supplied lots of good times and a way to relax during the busy month. I attended Che’s Halloween party on Friday and ended up at an epic house party (hosted by Steve and Adam) on Saturday. I even made it out on Tuesday for a fun night after I finished an assignment. I was an Ewok, a lion and a half-assed princess.


At the beginning of the month, I noticed some unusual activity happening on my website. I had gotten a couple really absurd comments on my How to Know If You Potential Hookup is Good In Bed post, and when I checked my stats I noticed a bunch of incoming traffic from YouTube. Not knowing who had linked to me on the video streaming platform, I googled a partial part of my blog article URL and low and beyond found the culprit, a YouTube channel called the Teal Deer. The site, which mainly focuses on trolling women and spreading in-your-face misogyny, had covered me for the better half of an hour-long live stream. I won’t link to the video here because they don’t deserve to get more views, but the creator protested my Good in Bed article with weak counterpoints and petty, typically sexist and fatphobic insults. Having trolls come after me was inevitable (I’m a woman on the internet) and luckily the insults were so bland I could take the little heat they served up (most of it was actually laughable.) The silver lining was that I received a very small amount of troll blog comments compared to the views it gave me, so at least the sexist trolls stayed around to learn something.

I bought some new records to cheer myself up, both of which are albums from the band Air. 10,000 Hz Legend and Moon Safari are the music that I listen to when I’m feeling nostalgic, peaceful, sad or stoned. Their space rock electronica style soothes my soul on any occasion, so they were perfect for healing my hurt.

On the 31st of October, Kinkly released their Top 100 Sex Blogs. I was chosen for the #10 spot and on the #9 spot for Readers Choice, which came as a shock as I didn’t rank on the list the year before. Although there are many things wrong with ranking links, I’m honoured to be recognized by the only “legitimate” award our community gets a chance at. Thank you for those who voted and for those who support me here. It means the world to me.

Femme Things

I did a big Forever 21+ order and got some sweet new outfits I’ve been showing off on Instagram. My faves are my colour block jeans, my orange striped collared shirt and my velvet/mesh bodysuit.

Bush Balm, a pubic hair oil company sent me some samples of their product and I am in love. Seriously, I didn’t think the oil would have much of an effect on me but it’s been making my pubes silky smooth. My favourite smell is Wilderness and I’m planning on ordering a whole bottle. You can use coupon code BUSHBALM10 for 10% off your purchase. (I’m not affiliated with them, just love their product.)

I also did a Sephora order to stock up on some skincare and treat myself to some new must-haves. I bought two Fenty Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitters (Plutonic Relationship and Spacesuit), an iridescent purple eyeshadow single, Two Faced Better than Sex Mascara and REN Rosa Centifolia™ No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm. The REN balm has been absent from my life since before the summer, so my skin is thanking me for reintroducing it to my routine.

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  1. I was looking for something cute and a little pamper-y for myself to get for my birthday, so I’m gunna order this oil set thank you for the recommendation!

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