Review: iroha Midori 🍐

As someone who has a visual-centred brain and spent years practicing graphic design, product and brand design are always something I look out for, even when choosing new sex toys. I won’t not use an ugly product (on condition that it works and feels good), but the more visually appealing a vibrator is, the more I’m drawn to enjoying it as a whole experience (I like to display my sex toys, okay?)

Design is what initially drew me to the Midori by iroha. The little vibe looks like it would be found on the shores of the ocean, clean cut but softened from the salted water. As a Cancer (*throws up peace signs and ironically yells “water sign baby!!!”*) and lover of the Oceans (grew up on the East Coast of Canada), seeing the sea glass colour of the Midori makes me feel delighted and calm. Not to mention it’s are made out of a unique material combination, which upon feeling my friend Logan’s at Woodhull for the first, made me want to mash it against my clit immediately.

The vibrator is mainly made out of outer silicone pocket, the innards filled with a polyurethane elastomer. The former is a porous material but with silicone layer keeping it securely inside, it’s safe to use. The effect of the combination of these materials is genius. The toy is squishy and satisfying and reminds me of kneading dough. You can pinch and scrunch the Midori under your fingers and rub it around like one of those squishy cat bellies. It’s amazing and is like nothing else on the market. The motor is inside a hard inner core that is attached to the exposed button panel on the underside of the toy.

Where the Midori excels in aesthetic design, it lacks in motor design. Just like it’s soft exterior, the orgasms that I get out of the toy are comfortable; if I turn to this vibe to come, it’s because I need a gentle touch. When I first got it in the mail, I hadn’t spent too much time masturbating the week beforehand, so I found the Midori was perfect for a subtle masturbation session. However, most of the time my body and clit need strong vibrations and hard pressure. While testing the Midori I found that more often than not I was tossing it to the side for something with a stronger kick because it’s highest vibration setting (there’s only three + one pattern) isn’t enough for me.

The little bubble that sticks out from the main shape houses the main source of power, so that’s the part I mainly used on my vulva. Because of its spheric shape, targets my clit, but allows for some vibrations to reach the surrounding area. The way I hold the Midori is with the cushy part facing towards me, so the rest of the toy rests comfortably against my mons pubis. When I push the toy into my body (I like pressure) the exterior feels like someone else’s body pressed up against me. Quite a delightful sensation.

Another pro for the iroha line is that each of their toys come with a decadent charging case. It’s like a little bb terrarium for the vibe, which rests on a smooth black plate for wireless charging. The cover is clear plastic and protects the toy from dust n dirt while powering up.

I enjoyed my experience with the Midori, but not to a point where I would recommend it over my other go-to vibes. It’s a great vibe for those who are looking at getting an unassuming, cute first clit toy, but it’s too beginner for my vulva’s tastes. Since releasing the iroha line, iroha has come out with a new and improved collection called iroha+ which includes similarly shaped toys with the same materials and stronger motors. I’m going to be reviewing the Kushi soon, and I can already tell it’s going to have the strength my clit deserves (so if you like the sound of the material of the Midori, get the Kushi instead for a stronger experience.)

Thanks to iroha for sending me the Midori in exchange for my unbiased review! You can purchase the Midori at SheVibe ($99 USD) and at Vibrant ($99 USD).

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