Review: Adrien Lastic Bonnie & Clyde Rabbit Vibrator 🐇

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Earlier this year at Woodhull, after wine and femme kisses, I had the honour of being shown a new G-spot fingering technique by one of my friends. It involves the slight movement of the index and middle finger, pressing upwards and rubbing the G-spot with the pads of the fingers. It seems simple, but oh does it feel fantastic.

The majority of average G-spot focused porn or educational videos feature either the classic ‘come hither’ or the aggressive up and down overdrive. While these techniques have felt good for my body in the past, they’ve never been able to fully make me come. My G-spot needs targeted and calculated actions, and unfortunately, almost none of my partners have been able to provide what I need with their hands. Which is why I was so excited when Logan showed me their technique; it was unique but perfect and made me come very quickly. I wish more people knew of its existence, as I’d much rather have a partner use this on me than the vulva jostling motion of the overdrive.

Today’s review toy is a moving rabbit vibrator, which when I first checked it out on SheVibe’s website, looked hopefully similar to the rubbing and pressing technique I learned at Woodhull. The internal part of the toy moves counterclockwise and is supposed to “massag[e] the whole vaginal canal.” An accompanying external stimulator is the only vibrating part of the toy. The Bonnie & Clyde is rechargeable, waterproof and covered in silicone. While it may not specifically say it’s a G-spot toy, the accompanying video had me eager that it would work the same way Logan worked their fingers. Speaking of the video… it gave me some sceptical feelings as well. There’s creepy omnipresent moaning mixed in with music while the toy is being shown off. I hate when companies try to use cliche techniques to market their toys; we get it, someone should be moaning while they use this. Let’s see if I moaned as much as that person did in the video…

In theory, the toy’s movements were a good idea. However, since the shaft is so large, it doesn’t accurately target my G-spot. Both its thickness and width are equal to three of my fingers, which doesn’t allow for agile motions. Because of this, the Bonnie & Clyde feels as if a silicone mixer attachment is spinning around in my vagina; not pleasant at all. I feel like this problem could have been avoided if the toy was smaller in size so that there could be room for precision. Thickness in G-spot toys can work well but in stable toys. This toy needs a lot more room to move in order to deliver its 10 different rotations properly.

As if the rotating internal part couldn’t get any worse, the twirling sensation is accompanied by a high pitched mechanical sound. Adrien Lastic boats that this toy is whisper quiet, and while it isn’t necessarily loud, it’s irritating as hell. When the Bonnie & Clyde is on, it sounds like there is a cheap toy race car track in and around my genitals. Not the sexiest of noises, in my opinion.

While I like that there are buttons for each moving part of the Bonnie & Clyde, they’re hard to use while it’s inside me. They’re on separate sides of the Kim K butt-looking handle, which I found ergonomically annoying. It would have been best if the buttons were smaller and on the front of the toy. There is a remote control that comes with it to make it a bit easier, but I think that the buttons on the toy themselves should also be easy to use.

The one thing that surprised me about this toy, and the one thing that provided a small bit of hope for this vibrator company, is that the external stimulation piece actually managed to have some decent power. I was legitimately astounded when I turned on the vibe part of the toy to see it actually create rumbly vibrations. Too bad the stimulator wasn’t designed properly though, the weird part with the hole does little to translate the vibes happening in the lower half. The only way those rumbles get to my clit is if I press it into my vulva or if I take the toy out and specifically use that little thing without the internal part.

Suffice to say, I didn’t moan at all using the Bonnie & Clyde or even get close to coming, so I highly recommend you don’t purchase it. Instead, if you’re looking for a moving internal toy, I would check out Lelo’s Mona Wave and Loki Wave. They’re the same concept of this toy except executed in a way that will actually make you want to come. If you’re looking for other G-spot toys, I recommend the L’Amourose Prism V / Prism VII vibrators and the nJoy Pure Wand dildo. All of these are splendid internal toys.

Thanks to SheVibe for sending the Bonnie & Clyde to me in exchange for my honest and unbiast review! If you must, you can purchase from them for $119 USD.


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