Review: Doc Johnson TruSKYN Tru Feel, Tru Touch & Tru Curve


You’ve probably heard of this company; one of the biggest brands in sex toys. You’ve probably glazed over their product logos at chain sex stores and in friends collections alike. Their name flung around like their dildos, butt plugs and faux orifices are when in use. You may also have noticed, that on my blog, and on a good chunk of other sex blogs, there haven’t been many mentions of products from this mass conglomerate manufacturer.

Doc Johnson is the name, and mainly shitty sex toys is the game.

Doc Johnson has been ruling the toy industry for almost 40 years. The dildo giant makes all their products in the United States of America (a proud point in their marketing) and was recently featured in the New York Times as the first family of pleasure products. The majority of their toys are toxic messes (make sure to read up on your info on phthalates, porousness, sil-a-gel etc and dangerous materials), but with silicone becoming a cheaper commodity to acquire, and a push for better quality cheaper toys by sex educators, Doc Johnson has started slowly improving their stock. Recently the company has released lines full of silicone materials, like Mood, American Pop and now TruSkyn. While I’m not the biggest fan of Doc Johnson’s overall brand, I’d like to take this post to review some of their silicone steps in the right direction with three dildos from the TruSkyn line.

While all different in appearance, the Tru Feel, Tru Touch and Tru Curve are all made out of the same premium silicone AND are all dual-density (softer outer layer, harder inner core)! Even though they can stand on their own, all of the toys are relatively floppy and make for easy bending and manipulating, should you need the toys to reach certain angles. The Tru Feel, in particular, had an extra flop to it, feeling as though it could be good for packing if having a blue cock is your jam.

In terms of pleasure feels, I’m going to review each separately as I had differentiating experiences with their various shapes. This list ranks them from worst to best, so if you want to hear my thoughts on the favourite of the three skip down to the end of the page.


Tru Feel

The Tru Feel is the one of the three that I was most excited to try. It’s slightly raised hexagonal texture covering the shaft, combined with it’s squishy balls made me curious. I have no idea what the inspiration was for this design but kudos to the sculptors for getting creative. I’d like to think this is the kind of dick that would belong to a smurf, it’s realistic but fictitious shape call for it to belong to an anthropomorphous creature (plus can we talk about that mushroom head?) Vaginally, the Tru Feel is not as special as it wants to be. The texture isn’t actually texture but just a visual element and a nuisance while cleaning. It feels decently comfy in my vagina, but it’s on the smaller side of dildos so it doesn’t necessarily make an impact internally. It’s a good dildo, but it falls into a category of dildos I would reserve to use while warming up to bigger toys. If I was more in a butt stuff mood (haven’t been lately due to an injury) then I could see the Tru Feel being a great dildo for anal. A petite dildo isn’t necessarily a bad thing as this toy would be a great beginner dil, but in the grander scheme of more accommodating orifices, it just won’t do.


Tru Touch

The Tru Touch is on the opposite side of the spectrum from the True Feel. It has a very simple design and packs a big size. It’s about the same length as my forearm, and its thickness isn’t something any beginner would want to mess with. In use, it feels good, but it’s nothing too exceptional. I do like that the ridge of the head is deep enough to rub my G-spot as the toy goes deeper inside of me. ts length and it’s flexibility allow it for it to easily hit my A-spot. The Tru Touch can make me come, and I’m sure would greatly please the anuses and vulvas of people without such a wide amount of sex toys tried. However, it’s not something that I could see myself reaching for too often, as it’s too simple for my tastes.


Tru Curve

Mhmmmmm, the Tru Curve; the baby bear of the three dildos. It’s size, albeit on the larger side like the Tru Touch, coordinates meticulously with its steep curve upward. The thick drop of the coronal ridge plucks away at my G-spot like a harp when thrust, making me moan to an operatic orgasm each time I use it. Just when I thought these toys were too simple, the Tru Curve pushes into my G-spot, making me realize that I need to start noticing it’s power. Even stationary, this toy feels like a dream inside me, making me build up fluid with ease. The curve was a surprising addition that took what the Tru Touch had and made it all the better. I wouldn’t think to put a bend at the end of a dildo, but this design nailed it (both figuratively, and, for my vagina, literally.)

Each of the dildos comes with a Doc Johnson branded bag for storage, a little bottle of lube (which I don’t recommend using as it contains glycerine) and some dusting powder. I wasn’t sure what the powder was at first, but DJ claims that dusting it on your dildos after washing + drying them will improve the longevity of your silicone. The sole ingredient in the powder is cornstarch. Silicone is fine by itself, so there’s no need to use the powder if you don’t want to.

Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of these Doc Johnson toys. I think it really makes a statement that their company is turning to safer ingredients, so I’m hoping to see more quality toys from them in the future. Until then, I’ll be thrusting away with my Tru Curve (it’s so goddamn good.)

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending these along in exchange for my unbiased review. You can get the True Feel, Tru Touch & Tru Curve at Peepshow Toys, SheVibe and in a harness bundle at PinkCherry.

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  1. I have also noticed the curious absence of Doc Johnson from sex toy reviews. My first ever vibrator was a Doc Johnson iVibe rabbit, and I adored that swirly pink wonder. But you’re right, most of their toys are pretty shitty and tacky as hell. But I’m always pleased to see companies coming around and making an effort to create better products. I really enjoyed this review and I’m keen to give these a shot myself.

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