November Wrap (it) Up: Dildos, Lashes & Dry Spell Finales

red hot wrap up

Fuck me up, December is already well on its way. I absolutely hate Winter, so I’m not a big fan of the cold season we are entering. School is wrapping up and I’ve been bogged down with assignments the past couple weeks, but luckily it will all be over soon. On top of my school life, November proved to be a much more busy month, in terms of sexy things, so I’m happy to report the month was not just wasted on academics. Here’s what’s been keeping me warm this month.

Sex Toys

An internet admirer/angel blessed me with a very expensive and coveted gift at the beginning of the month, the Fucking Sculptures Double Trouble. The nice gentleman ordered it for me back in September, but since the glass dildo was made to order (and the shop had a lot of orders before it closed officially) I finally got my box in the mail. I first read about the DT from Kate, and I must say that while she set a high bar, my expectations of the toy we beyond fulfilled. This toy feels like a gentle glass fist is punching my G-spot and god does it make me come quickly. I loved it so much I did a sexy review video of me using it, which is available for purchase.

I reviewed three of Doc Johnson’s silicone dildos for Peepshow Toys this month, and one of them rocked my world so hard that I’ve been reaching for it frequently throughout the month. The Tru Curve is just magnifique, and I choose it when I’m feeling the need to be filled up, but with super, squishy G-spot touches.

It’s been a dildo filled month over here at Red Hot Suz central. Kate’s been telling me I need a Standard S-Curve glass dildo for a long time, and when she linked me to an announcement from the Smitten Kitten saying they had just restocked, I couldn’t help myself. There was a beautiful seafoam coloured one that just needed to be mine. It feels like a smaller counterpart to the Double Trouble, and I love it.

My babes over at Sutil came out with a new lube this fall: Sutil Rich. The new lube is thicker than the original and has added Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng Root and Zizyphus Jujuba which are used as antibiotics and aphrodisiacs. The formula is thick (great for anal play) and increases the blood flow to my vulva when in use. It’s soothing and makes me feel like royalty.


November was an awesome month in many ways, but notably, there was a week that brought me to the end of a month+ long dry spell I was having. I got to cuddle and smooch a cute Toronto boy, who had amazing hands and made me come multiple times. Within the same week, I also saw a musician, who dick was so big it was an honour to sit on top of. Hopefully, I’ll be playing with both of these awesome men sometime soon.


This month, I got my first article published in a major online publication! I wrote about texting my past partners to ask them to define our relationships for Elite Daily!  I had such a fun time texting my past sex pals and writing the piece.

My friend Sarah wrote an amazing piece about how she doesn’t have to forgive her abuser. Sarah’s message is really powerful and contains mentions of abuse, trauma and death.

Another good friend of mine, Eva from What’s My Body Doing? shot a YouTube video all about the science of sex addiction and how that relates to the current Harvey Weinstein sexual assaults.

I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with a membership to CineSinclaire, a queer indie-porn site run by my friend Kate Sinclaire. I’ve been obsessed with the film Femmes, which features curvy femmes Jessica Sinclaire (unrelated) and Samantha Leigh fucking and fisting each other. It’s 61 minutes of scolding hot babeliness and is one of my fave femme4femme scenes to masturbate to.

Femme Thingz

I got a new tattoo!! It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m so excited to be apart of the MadMoll’s #headlessbabes series.

I’ve been wearing lots of lashes this month, as I received an order from a new Toronto lash company called LashStash! I got the Spice Rack bundle kit which came with the subtle and sexy Garam Masala, the sweet and flirty Cinnamon, and the ultra-glam Saffron. I absolutely love all of the styles; they even add an extra vavoom to basic mascara and highlighter makeup looks.

My brows have been really bugging me lately, specifically the parts that I fill where there’s no actual hair. I love my Dipbrow, but sometimes it does on too softly. After an aggravated morning trying to get them perfect, I decided to take out some darker brown eyeshadow (from the Modern Renaissance palette) and fill in the ends of my brows with the powder. AND DAMN, it upgraded my look. I didn’t think slightly darker brows would suit me, but I’m really digging this new technique.

My black friday purchases included some cute lingerie to prance around in. Go see how cute I look!!

How’s your start to December going so far?

2 Replies to “November Wrap (it) Up: Dildos, Lashes & Dry Spell Finales”

  1. Your month sounds great! Your tattoo is beautiful, I absolutely love it.

    I have so many similar things going on, I can’t help but post in response:

    -I bought my first dildo! I use other insertable toys, but this is my first proper dildo. It’s big and blue (NS Novelties– not the best, but I needed to start cheaper to test size before investing in nicer quality) and my FWB managed to get the whole thing inside me the other day.
    -I just had my first session on a new tattoo today and I’m really excited about it.
    -I got a subscription to, which is full of excellent, weird, artsy, queer, etc. porn, and I’m thinking I might want to host a porno film viewing party at some point…

    I hope your December is good too!

  2. Hi,
    I just bought your review video through the link in this article (basically just a paypal transaction), but there’s no link to download or anything. Maybe I’m just too impatiened, and have never done something like this before, so I’m not sure how it works.


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