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Hoe, hoe, hoe! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays my loves! I hope everyone is managing to enjoy their breaks. If you’re looking for something to distract yourself from the business of Christmas day, I have a review that will warm you up!

As of late, the sex toy industry has seen a huge increase in temperature controlled toys and accessories. In particular, sex toy warming pouches, toys that warm themselves and lube warmers. My best guess as to why this a trend is that companies have the technology and they are looking to hit the status of “luxurious.” Like with warming toilet seats or car seats, we choose for our genitals to be warm just because we have the ability to. Anything that warms is immediately a higher experience, because we don’t like to be cold.

How often do you find your genitals cold? I don’t know about you, but I often don’t find myself needing to be warmed via my vulva. Nonetheless, a warmed up sex toy may just be the all more pleasurable on a cold night. I know there are times where I get uncomfortable when toys are too cold (I’m recalling this one time I was high and used a chilly Pure Wand with lube) so a warming toy, like the SenseVibe Warm by SenseMax, may be a toy I enjoy.

The SenseVibe Warm is a waterproof, warming dual-stimulation vibrator, that warms up to 39-43°C, your average body temperature. The warmth is a nice new sensation for me; on first insertion, it reminded me of running warm water over my vulva: cosy and relaxing. Even though it makes me feel great, the temperature gets lost once my body starts naturally warming up from arousal. If the Warm could get even warmer, it would be a complete heart-melter of a sex toy.

What made me go from a “meh” opinion to a “yesss” was the rumbliness and strength of the internal motor. I was actually damn near shocked that it would be that strong. Usually, manufacturers will focus so much on the niche part of the SenseVibe Warm (in this case the warming aspect) but no, SenseMax came through with a strong motor that I was proud to come with. The Warm’s flexible neck moves meet my G-spot perfectly and can make me come pretty quickly.

While the internal part of the toy floored me, the external simulator had me questioning some aspects of the vibrators design at first. For me, there’s no way this could reach my clit but does rest nicely on the outside of my vaginal entrance. It feels good, but I wish it felt better by being on my clit. After looking at the toy again, I figured that it can be used for anal as well (the external part works as a flared base) so I can see why they wouldn’t want the exterior jabbing into a person’s perineum. I would have liked the toy that much more if it could stimulate my clit too, but at least the toy is welcoming of all genitals to warm and the external piece doesn’t in the way of me using another toy for my clit.

The SenseVibe Warm comes with a beautiful charging case. Fitting perfectly to its silhouette, the vibrator charges wirelessly by being placed inside. The case looks suave while plugged into my nightstand and can be used for storage while travelling. I wish the case would stay shut though, I think it’s usability could be increased with stronger magnetics. Either way, I think the case adds a unique and memorable aesthetic to SenseVibe’s branding and toys. This case is classy shit.

Despite some of my gripes with the toy, I actually really enjoy the SenseVibe Warm. It’s a well-made vibrator that can serve a variety of bodies and orifices while warming them and making them feel amazing (that rumbliness thoughhhh). I do wish that the temperature aspect had a bit more oomph so that I could feel a difference in temp once my body warmed up, but I think it’s a great start to the world of warming vibrators for me! If you’re interested in hopping on the trend of warming toys, then I think this could be a great toy for you to experiment with. If you like the shape of the toy, but not the warming aspect, SenseMax makes a non-heated version, the SenseVibe.

This review was sponsored, but all writing and opinions are my own. If you’d like to purchase the SenseVibe Warm, it retails for $125.99 USD or $160.36 CAD at SheVibe.

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