December Wrap (it) Up: Santa Suz, Hobbit Dicks & Getting Hit

Ooof. It’s been a very busy and slutty month for me, let’s just jump into it…

Sex Toys + Safer Sex

My favourite clit rumbling vibe this month has been my sparkling red Doxy Die Cast. I reviewed this last year, and while I loved it then, it’s even-more-powerful-than-the-MWR-vibrations were too much for me to handle. Lately, though, my clit has been favouring extra-strength toys, so the Doxy Die Cast has been the perfect contender.

I bought a leather heart collar from L’amourproper in November, but this past month was the one where it really saw use, both in and outside of the bedroom. I wore it a choker accessory to go dancing with my friends and was pulled around by it during a sexcapade. Ooof. I really like it.

One of my clients purchased some nude photos of me for their partner for Christmas! They wanted to make the pictures extra special and sent me a custom impact toy (called the Thudder) to use in the photos. I had an amazing time being apart of their Christmas present, and I’m really excited about this toy. It packs a serious punch with even the smallest of swings. I can’t wait for someone to wield it against my bum.

Black Friday came and went in November and I’ve been waiting on a couple of custom purchases. My one sex toy purchase arrived right before Christmas, so I saved it to open then. It’s the Erotics Exotics Halfing, a Hobbit-themed sculpted dildo. I’ve been wanting the Halfling for about four-ish years (I’m a big LotR fan) and am happy it’s finally in my hands. I’m not sure when it will be inside me though, as it’s such a thick dildo it won’t fit inside me just yet.

Trojan Naked Sensations Pure Pleasure condoms have been the real MVP this month. They’re super great for people with bigger penises (I’ve been blessed with many hung partners). I had many of these dudes tell me that they wanted the condom name afterwards because they liked the feeling so much!

Mouth Watering Media

Kate and I did a wonderfully femme sexy photoset mid-month that we got to sell to many admirers on Twitter! It featured saucy makeouts, two cute butts and a glittery blowjob. I had so much fun shooting with Kate, and you can get in on the fun by sliding into my DM’s on Twitter (or emailing me at redhotsuz [at] and asking me for our rates!

Speaking of smutty content, I’ve been feeling really good about the work I’ve been putting into my Patreon! I’ve been uploading more pictures and going on my sexxxy Snapchat more often to do little shows. I’m planning on doing even more in 2018, with monthly long videos for my Snapchat tier patrons. For Christmas, I did a special Santa Suz photoshoot and thirteen minute POV video. I can’t wait to create more for my patrons in the new year!!

I reached a HUGE milestone on Instagram this month: 10,000 followers!! This was a very distant goal of mine at the start of the year (I was actually thinking 5k, but as my followers kept growing so did my goals). I’m so happy and thankful for my audience on there (and here). Thanks so much for following, I’m looking forward to taking better and brighter pics for y’all!

Sizzling Sexcapades

I had a LOT of sex this month. Like four people in one week a lot. The first was a lovely Toronto gentleman who I visited after a visit to the Pink Market. We went for tacos and he invited me back to his house for a drink. Makeouts ensued and lead to cock sucking, fingering and fucking. I was super impressed he had Sliquid Silver on hand.

I had a wonderful wine and tapas date the next night with my friend Rae, which lead to some lipstick smeared makeouts and getting eaten out in a restaurant bathroom. They are seriously divine.

I’ve been Instagram flirting with a boy I met through mutual friends (quite an unusual circumstance for me) which lead us to see Star Wars together, getting drinks at the Brain and having rull good sex.

The fourth person of the week wasn’t that notable, as he turned out to be kind of a dick afterwards.

The next week I received a message from an LA hookup, who happened to be in Toronto for the weekend. He had been decently dommy with me during our last encounter, so this time I asked if I could bring some things to fully explore our d/s connection. I ended up trucking a crop, two dildos, my Doxy Die Cast, a ball gag and my Tango to Toronto with me. We had an extremely delicious experience together, probably the only time I’ve truly felt dominated. I’ll be writing more in depth on my time with him soon, but for now, I’ll say that I can’t wait to be his fuck toy next time he’s in Toronto.

I’ve been having the amazing experience of being courted by a very handsome football player boy. We’ve been chatting throughout the month of December and finally had a date on the 31st to pick out a dress for me for NYE. We had instant IRL chemistry and were all over each other at the mall before coming back to my place for a glorious afternoon sex session. He’s honestly such a sweetheart and I’m starting to develop a crush on him.

Fierce Femme-ness

I lost one of my Fenty beauty lip glosses this month. RIP.

Maybe it was due to holiday spirit but red lipstick has been my thing this month. My friend Andrea let me try on her Fenty Stunna lip paint and I fell in love. I haven’t had a chance to buy it yet, but I’ve been rocking Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Love, a red shade with slight orange undertones.

Since I was planning my Christmas-themed photoshoot for Patreon, I had to purchase Santa lingerie to wear. I didn’t want to invest in anything too luxurious (Christmas is once a year after all) so I decided to scope out Amazon Canada, which had a surprising amount of Santa lingerie for plus size babes.

What did y’all get up to in December?

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  1. I continue to be SOOO curious about that Hobbit! I might have to get one for myself. Also, the red lip looks stunning on you, and maybe I have to go try out Fenty now… ^___^

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