A Red Hot 2017 Recap + 2018 Goals! ✨

2018 sex goals 2017 recap

Happy 2018 my loves!! I hope you all had a restful holiday season and are starting the new year on the right foot.

This time of year is particularly inspiring to me because not only does it represent another year passed, but it’s also my blog anniversary!! Red Hot Suz has officially been running for exactly two years, and I’m so delighted that you all have been along for the ride. From everyone who has shared my blog posts, to those who support me on Patreon, you mean the world to me. I can’t believe that I have the honour of writing for you every day. Last year, I ran a giveaway for my blogiversary, but this year I’m saving the giveaway for a special time in the Spring… 🤐

Despite no giveaway happening, I’ve looked back on the past year to document my favourite moments and looked into the future of the year ahead to write out my goals, motivations and manifestations. Enjoy!

If you’re curious about all my highlights of the past year, jump to my 2017 recap!

If you want a quick summary of my 2017 sex life, jump to my sex stats!

If you already know too much about my past year, jump to my 2018 goals!

2017 Recap!

I did sooooo much in 2017, it’s almost overwhelming to try to look back on all that I accomplished!

In order of date, here are all my favourite moments throughout 2017:

  • Had my first New Years kiss with my (now ex) partner
  • First sponsored post: For the Love of Lube
  • Took boudoir pictures with photographer Madeline Neumann
  • Attended Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair
  • Did a photoshoot with Kate and Taylor at the Ritual Chamber dungeon
  • Was spanked with a crop by room full of men at Oasis
  • Got my IUD!
  • Had a picture featured inside the cover of Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase
  • Made porn art
  • Said goodbye to Baltimore House
  • Celebrated 420 with a Stoner Soiree
  • Attended the disastrous Toronto International Porn Awards
  • Burned a bad vibrator, dangerous condom and my old housemate’s hookup’s underwear
  • Flew to Portland to meet my partner
  • Rode on Epiphora’s Sybian and checked out her glorious sex toy closet
  • Craigslisted a ride from Portland to Sacramento
  • Spent two weeks on a Buddhist Monk farm doing weeding and fence building
  • Pitched and got my biggest sponsored post deal with SwingTowns
  • Made out in a clothing-optional hot tub at a shared Airbnb
  • Hitchhiked for the first time
  • Visited San Francisco and had my ukulele stolen at a hostel
  • Took a cathartic Craigslist car ride with two other girls from San Fran to LA
  • Spent all the time writing and exploring LA
  • Did improv for a TV pilot
  • Was a guest on the Take Back Your Sex podcast
  • Had solo femme-on-femme sex for the first time
  • Started my Patreon
  • Saw the Dead and Company with my Uncle
  • Tried out the amazing b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2
  • Had a wonderful threesome date and did an escape room
  • Participated in a Gang Bang
  • Attended Hurray for the Riff Raff and ended up at Hillary Clinton’s nephews birthday party
  • Had sex at a super fancy hotel
  • Attended LA Pride and met my friend Nathan
  • Hiked to the Hollywood sign and almost died because I’m out of shape
  • Made a Tinder date drive me to Santa Monica beach
  • Said goodbye to LA and made another Tinder date drive me to LAX
  • Modelled for Bettie Fatal
  • Swam naked in the Gore Park fountain
  • Was a guest on the Dildorks talking about threesomes
  • Was fully sponsored to attend Woodhull SFS17
  • Went to a local Charlottesville solidarity protest
  • Visited Wild Water Works with Liv & Em
  • Moved into my new apartment
  • Welcome Week 2017!!
  • Attended Supercrawl
  • Started (still am) decorating my bedroom
  • Began my multimedia thesis (redesigning my blog!!)
  • Started writing guest blog posts for Peepshow Toys
  • A full weekend of Halloween partying
  • Placed #10 in Kinky’s Top 100 Sex Blogs
  • Got my Double Trouble!!!
  • Had my first pitch accepted
  • Placed #10 in Molly’s Daily Kiss’ Top 100 Sex Blogs
  • Treated myself to a new tattoo
  • Waxed my pubes for the first time in 6 months
  • Had a piece published in Elite Daily
  • Broke up with my partner
  • Made money doing a porny photoshoot with Kate
  • Boned four people in one week
  • Was the most submissive during sex in a Toronto hotel with a guy I banged in LA
  • Hit 10k Instagram followers!!
  • Had multiple people buy my nudes for their partner for Christmas.
  • My sister visited me in Hamilton for the first time and I took her to Che!
  • Rung in 2018 with a four-way kiss between Cheyenne (Sugarbones), Eleni and Braeden.

And here are all my Wrap (it) Up posts for the year to get a rundown of everything I did each month:

Sex stats!

Inspired by Kate’s wonderful sex and orgasm spreadsheets, I’ve tallied up some statistics on the people I slept with and where I slept with them! I’m planning on keeping track of this more in 2018, so I’ll have more detailed information for you next year.

I slept with exactly 30 people, 80% (24) were men, 13% (4) were women and 7% (2) were non-binary folx. 50% of them had beards (it’s a Thing), and all of the women were femmes. I’ve met 46% (14) of my partners through Tinder, 34% (10) through social media (Twitter, Instagram and Reddit), and 20% (6) through IRL meetings. I’m surprised at how many peeps I met through socials this year, I rarely think of social media as a way of meeting people to bone, but here I am!

I had sex in two countries, 8 different cities and 22 different locations. The most memorable being a hilltop LA house owned by an actress, a firefly-lit waterfall, on top of an American Eagle pool float and at the Buddhist farm.

2018 Goals, Motivations and Manifestations

I’m filled with inspiration for the new year and am ready to get shit done. 2018 is going to be my year baby, and you bet I have some high aspirations…

Blog Goals

More interviews, podcasts and press stuff! I did a couple press-y things this year, like being interviewed on the Dildorks and Take Back Your Sex podcasts, but I’m looking to channel more of that promotional energy in 2018. I want to do more podcasts, be featured online or in print and start getting my name out there more!!

More collaborations with other creators! Collabs, multi-blogger post series, roundtables at conferences, smut and sharing more of my friends content in 2018! Also more photshoots!! I want to work with more creators to create great, relevant content that will support each other and help share our work with the world.

More website traffic! Comparing my December 2017 stats to my December 2016 stats, my monthly traffic has more than quadrupled! I’m incredibly proud of how much I’ve grown within a year, so I’m hoping to match and hopefully beat those stat comparisons for 2018.

More money! With blog revenue (sponsored posts, Instagram ads, banner ads etc) combined with my Patreon revenue, this little blog has made some decent moula in 2017. For this upcoming year, I hope to double my income from blog and smut endeavours. Let’s make it rain!!

A rocking website re-launch! If you hadn’t heard, I’m in the middle of rebranding my blog! It’s all happening behind the scenes at the moment as I’m doing it for my undergrad multimedia thesis. I’m so excited to share my website with y’all that I’m planning a big relaunch party for March in Hamilton, Ontario! I’d love to see you there and will be giving out more details closer to the date.

Personal Goals

Nightly & morning routines + a good sleep schedule. I’m a night owl, and some recent bad habits have lead me to have a really horrible sleep schedule. I’ve been staying up until 4 am (sometimes later) the past month, and need to get back into a proper bedtime schedule. I’d also like to develop a waking up and going to bed routine that will include: brushing my teeth, washing my face, and drinking water. I know it sounds simple, but I’m horrible at keeping routines and I’d like to do this.

Focus on health. My physical goals as a body positive person are based on my health. I want to put more healthy and nutritious meals in my body this year, and take vitamin supplements to plug in the nutritional gaps in my diet. I want to gain strength, in my arms and booty specifically, and have my current clothes fit more comfortably.

Organization. I used to be a very organized person as a kid, but lately, my brain has been all over the place (so much so that I’m thinking of getting checked for ADD). I want to clean my room more often, relearn to focus, plan out my weeks and days better, and keep spreadsheets on sex, orgasms, dates and income for 2018.

Sex & Relationship Goals

Mindful orgasms. I used to do really sexy nights for myself, where I would light candles, get high and romance myself. In 2017 I haven’t done that whatsoever! I want to have more mindful masturbation sessions with myself, and going beyond “need to sleep” or “quick n horny” orgasms.

Fewer one-time-bangs, more consistent meaningful relationships. I had a TON of one-night shebangs this past year (a lot were due to travelling, but anyway). I want more consistent partners so I can teach people about how I best receive pleasure and learn about their bodies too! Plus, I want to get to a point where I’m laid at least once every two weeks. That’s reasonable, yeah?

Explore d/s, and dd/lg. While my 2017 sex experiences have been definitely more kinky than the average joe, I’m yearning for the opportunity to dig deeper into my kinks and submission this upcoming year. Ideally, I’d love to experience a dd/lg relationship alongside a romantic one, but I’d be happy exploring it through a long-term, casual connection.

Date a longer term partner. Despite recently breaking up with the longest term partner I’ve had, that relationship wasn’t something that fulfilled any type of real, romantic and long-term connection my brain and heart have been craving. I want to meet someone this year who can be a real partner to me, who will uplift and love me. My heart is ready for a person to care for.

Let me know your 2017 accomplishments, milestones, trials and turbulences! What do you have planned in 2018 to make your life and your sex life even better??

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