Review: Real Nude Helio

Blush Novelties has been absolutely rocking their dual-density silicone dildos this past year. I fell in love with their Dayo in October, and I’ve been hardcore eyeing their other Real Nude line, as well as their colourful Avant selection. They’re on such a good role! The lovely folks at SheVibe sent me the Real Nude Helio, so I’m here to put it to the test to see if it lives up to the rest of the Blush dildos…

The Helio is one of those toys that there is really nothing wrong with, but there’s nothing spectacular about either. The review has been hard to write specifically because of my average experience using it. Tbh, for the first couple of months, I had this, I didn’t even touch it. I was much more captivated by my realistic toys or the non-realistic toys that looked like they would have a bigger impact on my masturbation habits. The Helio is a plain toy, and while that’s not necessarily a bad trait, for me it didn’t have enough to make it a toy I’d want to continue using.

My biggest issue with the Helio is the way it curves. Most dildos curve up purposefully to hit a G-spot, P-spot or A-spot, but the Helio curves downwards. While there’s plenty of dicks that do this, it’s not generally the most pleasurable thing as it tends to miss all the specific endogenous zones. It works a lot better for me if I turn it upside down, but even then the “head” (which is only on the upper side of the toy) isn’t sense-able. I wish the designers had put the head on the other side! Its size is on the daintier end too, and as someone who has a penchant for girthy dildos, a smaller dil has to have the right shape to seduce my vagina, so the Helio just doesn’t work for me.

Even with the upside down shaft curve, it’s still not bad. It has a super squishy head and the shaft has an overall super floppy feel to it that makes me think it would be extremely fun to strap-on and helicopter with. Not to mention it’s uber cheap at $39 ($49 CAD). A lot of other bloggers had some good things to say about their experience with it as well. Miss Ruby Reviews, Sex Bloggess and Echo Explores all loved the Helio.

I’ll give credit where credit is due too. The suction cup works like a magnet; it’s probably the strongest one I’ve encountered so far. It stayed stuck to my wall for two full days and in use didn’t budge one bit. The Helio’s ability to stay in place was my favourite part of my overall experience; I’m far too used to having to frustratingly re-attach suction dildos to walls. But, it’s suction cup design is also available on the rest of the Real Nude line, so it doesn’t necessarily make this toy a must-have.


The Helio gets a big old “meh” from me. I’m sure others will find it great, but I like my dildos designed with girth and/or purpose (curved for hitting spots internally). It’s still a quality made dildo, just not for me. I would recommend the Dayo if you’re looking for something more realistic from this line, or the Vixen Mustang for all that curved goodness. I’m still excited to test out more dual-density toys from Blush, like the D3 Summer Fling which is sitting on my desk right now…

Thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Helio in exchange for my unbiased opinion and review! You can get the Real Nude Helio through them for $39 USD.


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