Sex Bedding Review: Liberator Throw & SoSF FunSheet 💦

When I learned to squirt back in 2016, I came across a big problem I never even thought I would need to worry about: soaking my bed. After a masturbation sesh with my Magic Wand Rechargeable or nJoy Pure Wand my bed would be drenched with my own ejaculation so much so that I’d have to change my sheets and sleep on the non-dominant side to avoid the puddle. From a sex standpoint that amount fluid is great achievement, but from an “I want to sleep in a cozy warm bed, not a swamp” perspective my gushing geyser vulva wasn’t doing me any favours.

My solution to this issue was placing two thick, folded-in-half-twice bath towels underneath me creating eight layers of protection from my overflowing cunt. However, on the horniest and most relaxed days, when I’d produce enough squirt to rival a waterfall, I’d still end up getting the bed a bit damp. This was a real annoyance for me (and any partner I’d have over), but at the time, I didn’t think there was anything else I could to prevent the wetness.

Thankfully, the sex industry has been ahead of me with this particular problem. Popular sex pillow company, Liberator, has a blanket that absorbs any and all moisture, keeping your sheets spotless. The Fascinator Throw came into my knowledge after asking Twitter for recommendations on keeping my bed free of sex liquids. I wanted immediately but didn’t end up getting it until late last summer, when Spectrum Boutique gifted me one in Velvish Midnight. Other companies have tried their hands at creating similar products too, like Sheets of San Francisco, who have created a fluid-proof sheet that wraps around your mattress.

Today I’m doing a dual review of both the Liberator Fascinator Throw and the Sheets of San Francisco FunSheet, as they are both under the same category of sex accessory, but are widely different products in use. Even if you’re not someone who squirts heavily (I only do occasionally), these work well saving your sheets from cum, massage oils, lube and any other sexy fluid.

Liberator Fascinator Throw

Experience: The Liberator Throw took away any and every problem I had with regards to squirting cleanup. The ejaculate stays puddled in the blanket, so you can hop off, towel yourself off with a bath towel, and grab the Throw to either place on the floor (if you’re lazy like me) or dump into the tub. If I leave it on the floor, the squirt dries into the Throw by the next day so I can easily pop it in the wash.

Fabric: The Throw is reversible, with two different fabrics on each side. One is a plus faux velvet, the other a sheeny faux satin. The blanket is 100% polyester and is machine washable in cold water with a low heat dry.

What it’s good for: I recommend the Throw for all types of sex, but it does best if you’re planning on masturbating or when you’re having a lazy sex session. I find that lots of activity with this blanket can have it getting in the way a bit, though not enough to be an annoyance. It’s perfect for spontaneous masturbation or sex as it can be thrown onto whatever surface with no preparation required.

Sheets of San Francisco FunSheet

Experience: Setting up the FunSheet to use was a bit of a hassle as I was mainly testing it out while masturbating. And I masturbate spontaneously, so if I’m feeling horny putting on a whole fitted sheet seems a bit excessive. While that wasn’t a deterrent to my experience, one I had it on, it was lovely. I loved the faux rubber feel of the sheet against my skin, and it’s liquid repelling magic worked like a charm. Clean up was easy; all I had to do was pop off the FunSheet from the corners of the bed and drain the fluid, leave to try or toss in the machine.

Fabric: The FunSheet has a soft rubbery feel to it. Being made of 2 ply polyurethane fabric, it can endure a lot for those who are expecting lots of roughness. Its machine washable and comes in a sleek black or a clinical white (great for those people with medical kinks).

What it’s good for: The main difference between the FunSheet and the Throw is that the FunSheet functions as a fitted sheet for your bed. I recommend this for longer, planned out sex sessions as you need to plan time to literally make the bed before having sex or masturbating. The more hardcore kinksters and swingers will find this a great product to set up beds before the party starts.

Final Thoughts

I love both of these products. They’re well made, feel nice on the skin and do what they’re supposed to do: protect your bed from your fluids. Personally, I’m someone who doesn’t have the kinkiest longest sex sessions where we need to put a full FunSheet down, so I prefer the Liberator Throw for its portability and simple clean up. However, I can recommend these both equally, it just depends on what lifestyle you have and how you think you’ll be incorporating your sex bedding into your sex sessions.

These products were sent to me by Spectrum Boutique and Sheets of San Francisco in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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  1. This is really informative. it would be amazing if you could write something about post masturbation hygene for women and men as well

  2. As a big squirted myself, I’ve used the liberator plush throw for years and have several. I have to say the older model was much better. The new version is very slippery with partnered sex. My partner slips and slides and can’t get good traction for thrusting. I’m totally going to have to try the fun blanket. Sounds much more my speed. I’d never heard of that one!

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