Review: Adrian Lastic Caress

Simulating oral sex on vulvas has been a long-term goal of the sex toy industry (if only cis dudes would have the same obsession, amirite?). Weve seen the Sqweel, ORA, Fiera Arouser, the sucking Satisfyers & Womanizers; all, except for the later, have been not the best at delivering the experience of a tongue to a vulva. Now Arian Lastic has come along and has decided to create a vulva stimulator that falls in line with oral sex-looking toys.

While the Caress isnt necessarily branded as an oral simulator, its shape had me thinking cunnilingus was on the brain when it was designed. The options of fluttery heads plus its rotating ability reminded me of ye old Sqweel with its lapping tongues. So lets see if this little squid-like toy will work my clit well enough for me to recommend it

The Caress is rotating sex toy that comes with five interchangeable heads. Its waterproof, rechargeable and very very pink. There are ten different vibration patterns, so in total the toy holds 50 different unique sensations. It also vibrates at one speed on top of the rotating. Each of the Caress’s heads is made out of buttery smooth silicone, and feel super soft and gentle against the skin. Idk what I was thinking, but I thought the heads were going a harder silicone (which thankfully they are not), so it was a nice surprise to see how easily malleable they were when pressed against my skin.

Since rotation is the main way this toy functions, anyone who likes pressure on their bits (ie MOI) may have a difficult time adjusting. The rotation stops in its tracks if I press it into my vulva too hard. A light touch has better results for feeling the pinpoint touches of the Caresss different heads.

The Heads

  • Propellor: This attachment has a light fluttery feel when held up against my vulva. They feel similar to how you would think the thick fabric strips at the car wash would feel if you were lying naked on top of a car. Out of the five, the Propellor has the most lapping effect, but with a twirling rhythm.
  • Squid: This particular shape felt extremely similar to the Propellor, except even lighter on my clit.
  • Tiny Bristles: In all honesty, this attachment felt as if I took a fancy vibrating toothbrush to my clit. Its a no from the judges.
  • Thicc Bristles: Thicc Bristles were a lot better than their tiny predecessor, and managed to make my clit feel like it was being treated to a beating by some whisks. They were not necessarily anything that got me off.
  • Rabbit: companies cant get away from the rabbit design, even if its a toy that isnt dual-stimulation. Surprisingly though, this ended up being my favourite attachment out of the five. Its two hard pieces knead away at my clit like the dough attachment to a baking mixer. The shape works perfectly with the rotations.

A warning: If you have pubic hair longer than an inch, it will get stuck in the rotation mechanism of the Caress. Mine resulted in minor pain and it was easy to fix, so it isnt the biggest deal, but Id proceed with caution.

I personally think the Caress is gimmick reliant. I get that most people love having options and thats why there are five different heads, but if the basic mechanics cant be created for less than $50, this toy isnt worth it to me. $99 is far too much for a toy that only feels great with one of the heads. The sucking Satisfyer is a much better option for getting your unique vulva sensations.

Check out these other reviews from Emmeline Peaches and Louise Lace, their vulvas seemed a lot more impressed by the Caress than mine was!

Thanks to Peepshow Toys who sent me the Caress in exchange for my honest and unbiased review! Check out my fave toys shop on their site.

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