Wrap (it) Up: Cons, Cuties & Chodes

[a four picture collage, left top corner: a group of bloggers take a photo in a hotel room in front a selfie light, top right: Suz smiling with the Halfling in hand, bottom left: suz's plus size body in a nude lace body suit, bottom right: a illustrated drawing of Suz]

CN: erotic lactation

And I thought my January was stressful. Friends, February was such a stressful month, from start to finish for me, but as always, I managed to get a lot done and have some fun while doing it.

Sex Toys

Ever since Christmas I’ve been wanting and attempting to be penetrated by the very thick Erotic Exotics Halfing. I got high one night and decided “I need to sit on a really fat cock” and managed to press it inside me. After some further pushes down, I got the whole thing in, and damn; I’ve never felt so full in my life. I think I might have a bit of a size queen bug y’all.

SheVibe sent over the weird and wonderful Velvet Cock thruster toy, and I’m… intrigued. It looks like a pale purple alien probe and sounds like a car engine. But it goes! The toy thrusts up and down exactly like a fucking machine would. I can’t wait to put out my review on this thing.

So.. I have a kink that I haven’t talked about too much on here. I’m occasionally super into erotic lactation! It’s been a casual porn search of mine for a couple of years now, but I’ve recently hit a spike in my interest in milk filled breasts. People with mammary glands can induce lactation without needing to be pregnant, which has intrigued me for some time, but I finally decided “Hey, I should try this out.” I bought a breast pump and have been stimulating my nipples every night before I go to bed (although the ideal is 3x a day). I’m not trying to the fullest extent I could be (taking pills to help, pumping multiple times a day), but I am enjoying the results of enhanced nipple sensations.

Sizzling Sexcapades

Tinder banned me from the app so RIP my future sex life. I have so many thoughts and feels about this. Watch out for a blog post.

A new FWB of mine visited me for a spontaneous fuck session mid-month and oh boy was my vagina happy. My dry spell was going on a month and a half, so taking a cock was an extra special experience. Riding him was a dream, and we got into some name calling and spanking. I even filmed some of it for my Second Base patrons on Patreon, and put some pics up for my First Base loves.

Eeeeee! I had an absolutely amazing all femme threesome while I was attending Playground! It all started with some wine and spanking and escalated to make outs, vulva kisses and lots of giggles; all in front of my two other roommates. I love the energy femmes give off, and I’m so happy I got to kiss those babes the rest of the weekend.

On the last day of the month, I had a cute boy order me to ride a pillow as a show for my Patreon Snapchat followers, and oof that gave me some amazing dd/lg feels.

Mouthwatering Media

My friend Ro drew me!!!! I’m so friggin honoured and amazed. Please go pay them to draw you, ‘cause their style is so good and they are amazing.

I’m absolutely honoured (/s) to be featured on a conservative journalist’s blog, called the Other McCain in a piece titled “The Kinky Queer Intersectional Feminist: Empowerment by Sado-Masochism?” Thank you, Robert Stacey McCain, for truly misunderstanding how identities work.

My friend and housemate, Emily, curated her first art show at Redchurch Cafe & Gallery in Downtown Hamilton. I’m so proud that she pulled off such a spectacular show, and I hope to see more events like this from her in the future. My porn-mannequin art is featured in it, so if you’re around HamOnt, I suggest checking it out.

Enticing Events

I’m sure as many of you know, last weekend I was attending the Playground Conference in Toronto. And it was an amazingly emotional and cathartic weekend. I learned so much from my friends, fellow educators and attendees, and I can’t wait to start incorporating what I learned into my blogging and activism. Personally too, it was a stellar weekend (although emotionally draining and stressful too). I’m so honoured to work with so many amazing people in this industry. Check out my Twitter for updates and live tweets from the event.

I slipped away from the conference for one evening of fun celebrating my bud, Sarah Hanlon’s birthday! Sarah and I had actually never met IRL, but we’ve been online friends for a while now, so it was nice to connect in person for once. We drank at a dusty pub, smoked joints on the back patio and even dove into some karaoke. Happy Birthday, Sarah!!


I walked for a local designer, Hayley Elsaesser, in Toronto Fashion Week!!! It was such a wonderful and out-of-my-comfort-zone experience. I’m so grateful that Hayley’s collection focused on inclusivity, and that was definitely represented in her runway models. I got to walk with the coolest babes, like Spencer Glassman, Stef Sanjati, and Dae the Poet. I ordered some of Hayley’s clothes after too; her designs are SO me.

I ordered a lot of new clothes from Fashion Nova and, surprisingly, they all fit perfectly. My pleather pants, nude bodysuit and Kylie Jenner matching set make me look like the cute millennial influencer I am.

Last, but not least, peach earrings by Yippy Whippy, which perfectly match my new branding!

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