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For Readers:

Red Hot Suz is a personal blog about sex, sexuality and sex toy reviews. All reviews are honest and unbiased. Any product that is sent to me for review will be noted directly within the post. My reviews reflect my personal opinions on the product, whether negative or positive. I will not allow for any manufacturer or seller to preview posts before they are posted.

I am apart of affiliate programs for certain companies. As an affiliate, at no cost to you, I receive a small commission through any purchases you made by clicking my affiliate links or banners. These affiliates also do not affect my opinions in each review I write.

Product Review Policy:

I’m always looking for new products to review, as currently my collection is quite small and I’m running out of things to review! I love to explore new toys, and have some policies regarding product reviews. Please make sure these are read before contacting me. If I receive a request for review, I will assume you have read my policies. I will not pay for any product cost related to the review item (including any shipping costs to Canada). If the product does not arrive to my address, I am not responsible for its costs. All products must be approved by myself, so please contact me to arrange a review. If you ship an item without my acceptance, I will not provide a review. All stipulations for the review must be laid out in advance and none can be added after the fact.

For the toys themselves, I have limitations:

  • I will only accept body safe, non porous toys in the forms of 100% silicone, glass, stainless steel, aluminum and finished wood.
  • I do not review products for penises, products that require a partner (although this may change), supplements, erotica books, as well as most fetish products.
  • I reserve the right to link to another affiliate program if you do not offer one. If you are a brand, I reserve the right to link to one of your distributors who I am an affiliate with. I will not link to a competitor’s site/page in my review, but have the ability to link to another review that may or may not feature another brand/store’s product.

A free product is sent to me in exchange for an honest review. If I do not like the product, I reserve the right to publish a negative review. I will not change or remove the review at your request. My reviews are written by me, and I will not take suggestions on content or language. These elements are in my control.

Affiliate Guidelines:

All of my affiliates are places that I have strong trust in and I have the right to refuse any offers. Main considerations for affiliation include:

  • Large selection of body safe materials (Non-toxic & non-porous)
  • At least 10% commissions with a realistic payout ($10-$100)
  • Sex-positive & women friendly (appearance & marketing)
  • Adherence to the inclusivity clause

Inclusivity Clause:

My blog is my brand. Any company that I find to promote sexism, racism, transphobia, non-consent, homophobia, biphobia, fat-shaming, ableism or support other forms of oppression will not be considered. If I later find the company to be supporting oppressive content their affiliate ads will be removed from my site without warning and with no compensation to them. My readers will also be issued an apology.

Content Usage:

I work hard to create my awesome content on my site! If you would like to quote my content you must credit my name and my URL. Please contact me before doing so. You may not use more than 3 sentences. If you do not follow this, I will find out and have it taken down.
This also applies to all photography, videography and graphics.