Work With Me

I absolutely love working with people, companies and businesses. As a blogger, media creator and sex industry professional, I have many different skills that may be relevant for you personally or professionally. Whether that be personal sex counselling or brand management, I’m ready to help you be your best sex-positive self. Here is what I offer…

Advertising & Sponsorship

As a digital media creator, I’m always looking for exciting brands to partner with, especially when those brands offer sex-related products and services. My blog is frequented by tonnes of passionate babes who love hearing about new sex-positive ventures. I offer various ways to market to my audience directly through my site and social media. You’ll be able to get direct access to my followers eyes, while simultaneously giving them the knowledge that I’ve endorsed your business.

  • Sidebar Ads:
    • Immediately get the attention of my readers with an sidebar banner or text link for your brand! I have space available in different sizes and formats.
  • Sponsored Posts:
    • Sponsored posts are the perfect way to present your brand to my audience, as I can naturally write a link to your business within a post about myself and my experiences. I can get really creative integrating your brand into my content. See examples here.
  • Product Reviews:
    • Sex toys! Porn! Books & Games! Oh my! I love testing out new (to me) sex-related products that are working to enhance the industry and create more pleasure. Good reviews aren’t guaranteed, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts:
    • My lovable, sex-positive online audience that looks to my social media to see what I’m up to, and what new products and services I’m checking out. Sponsoring a Tweet or an Instagram post is the fasted way to get my followers attention.
  • Brand Ambassadorship:
    • Working with me long-term means that your brand get’s my utmost approval and endorsement. When I love a company, I tend to talk about it all over my blog and social media posts. The more I talk about a particular company, the more my followers are going to trust and love it. This could be your company!
  • Brand Sponsored Travel:
    • I would be ecstatic to represent your brand at various events/conferences, headquarters, touring facilities, etc. When I travel with your business, I get to share my personal experiences with my followers through blog posts, Twitter and Instagram, all with your brand name attached.
  • Other Opportunities:
    • Have a unique idea of how we could collaborate? Maybe have a sex toy you’d like to name after me? Contact me and let’s get creative on how we can showcase your brand.

If you’re interested in advertising on, please read the appropriate sections of my policies page and then contact me to discuss my rates and schedule. Let’s spread the word about your brand!

Business Consulting

Combining my knowledge from my double major in communications and multimedia with my practice and experience as a sex blogger, I’m a great asset to your business when it comes to navigating the sexuality business online. As a afficionado and consumer myself, I understand what my peers and followers are looking for. I can offer my expertise on a variety of your business needs, like..

  • Company branding, and communications
    • Logo, website and company branding/design
    • Marketing, language and advertising
    • Social media presence and industry connections (blogger outreach)
  • Sex toy design and usability
  • Sex-education for internal employees

If your business needs some extra instruction on approaching your ideal sex-positive consumers, contact me and we can discuss how I can help!

Personal Consulting & Coaching

I love to give advice and help people out. I can be of assistance in a consultant or coach capacity, on topics like…

  • Sex Consulting
    • Sex toy purchasing and use
    • Sexual self-confidence and body confidence
    • Sexual communication
      • Sex tips and improvement
      • Navigating new kink/fetishes
      • Navigating threesomes, group sex and sex clubs
  • Dating Consulting
    • Dating profile review, editing and writing
    • Messaging tips and consulting
    • Date practice and etiquette
    • Dating profile photography (GTA local)
  • Blogging Consulting
    • Blog branding and social media presence
    • Navigating affiliate programs, sponsorship and writing reviews

If you think you’d benefit from my personal sex experience, then please contact me to find out more about how I can help you!